Future forward

We invest in entrepreneurs as agents of progress.

We are a venture fund that invests capital and grit into entrepreneurs building companies that push the edge of what’s possible. Ours is an execution-driven ethos, borne of our experience as both founders and investors. Execution is everything, and it’s a group effort. More important than the capital we invest, is the community of entrepreneurs, technologists, marketeers and domain experts we rally in support of our founders. Through close partnership and open dialogue, we offer founders the friendship, guidance and unwavering loyalty they need to succeed.

Preparing for success

It’s easy to prepare for failure; preparing for success is much more difficult, so it’s what we focus on from day one. We work with founders on every aspect of their success trajectory. Diving in deep to analyze the market, identify customer pains and discover underserved business opportunities, we ensure companies have the right product-market fit and help them position themselves through great storytelling, and razor-sharp messaging and brand communications. While we work with them to prepare their product for market and create the infrastructure for rapid scale-up, we connect founders with our global business network, identifying high growth potential verticals and making introductions to industry leaders eager to integrate the latest innovations into their businesses.

What we look for

Exceptional entrepreneurs

Brilliantly talented, visionary founders are the beating heart of successful venture. Mavericks who reject the status quo, eschew market groupthink and boldly step forward to forge their own path. We look for a combination of brains and brawn, of intellectual rigour and the tenacity to see things through. Prior experience is an advantage, not mandatory. We bring the collective know-how and expertise of our team and our advisors to bear, so founders never feel alone.

Future defining

We don’t invest in incremental. That’s not where the future lies. We look for market-shifting plays, for the companies that will shape the way we live, work and see the world in years to come. Sometimes this means taking a leap of faith, or investing in nascent ideas yet to show their full potential. We are emboldened by our collective experience in transforming ideas into big wins, and are fortunate to have deep roots in Israel’s entrepreneurial community and a professional network that draws its brightest talent into our orbit.


Fast, scalable growth is paramount, and is one of the first things we look at when considering an investment. With markets becoming increasingly polarized, being first is no longer a guarantee of success. Once market-fit is validated, founders must be able to quickly scale up operational capabilities and enlarge their footprint. Hard work is great, but the secret of scale is working smart. We’re big believers in network effects, in leveraging the intersection of business interests as a force multiplier. Helping founders see opportunities that lie beyond the day-to-day is a huge value add for them.


For sure, we’re fascinated by technological innovation and inspired by its potential, but what sets us apart is our ability to successfully apply technology to products that solve big problems easily and elegantly. Outstanding user experience is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s the entry threshold to every category and vertical. We never lose sight of the real people that need to use and get joy from our products everyday.