The PICO Group

We’re preparing for the future.

We are a group of innovators, leaders, investors and educators who believe that nurturing passionate entrepreneurs is the key to preparing for the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

Entrepreneurs are, and always have been, the greatest agents of change in society. Derived from the French entrepredre, meaning ‘to undertake’, entrepreneurship has a rich cultural legacy that predates today’s almost exclusive association with business success. Throughout history, entrepreneurs have undertaken projects that progressed mankind in quantum leaps through thought and application. Every great leap started as an idea in someone’s mind. With technological possibilities undreamt of a generation ago, transformational ideas can be realized faster and applied on scale to benefit more people than ever before.

At PICO, we believe that technological entrepreneurship is a powerful catalyst for economic growth and social prosperity. We look beyond the standard yardsticks of wealth generation to the broader impact growth has on individuals and communities, including brighter prospects for young people, more jobs, better work environments, and inspiration for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Technology is a great leveler, and the key to creating a true meritocracy – where the best ideas win – lies in providing the broadest possible access to technology and to entrepreneurial opportunities.

PICO stands for People, Ideas, Community and Opportunity – four essential elements for entrepreneurship to take root. We created three initiatives to realize our vision:

PICO Partners
An execution-driven venture capital fund focused on early-stage companies that are developing technology enabled services to redefine existing business processes, industries and consumer services and experiences. The fund is guided by a group of leading entrepreneurs, technologists, marketeers and domain experts. PICO Partners has offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and New York.
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PICO Spaces
PICO Spaces are co-working spaces created by the fund for entrepreneurs and portfolio founders to grow their companies in an atmosphere of creativity, support, and community. They provide a home for our youngest companies to take root and an opportunity for us all to work together more closely.
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Launched in Jerusalem in 2012, PICO Kids is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) education initiative with an audacious vision: to unite and inspire young minds in this vibrant, yet complex city around the wonder of science, technology and creativity. Four years on, the model is a remarkable success, with over 800 high school students from a dozen schools across Jerusalem participating in activities ranging from after-school experiential workshops, international robotics competitions and curriculum based enrichment programs.
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