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Danielle Ullner

Operating Partner

Danielle has been active in the startup ecosystem, helping venture backed companies grow and identify strategic opportunities for over a decade. She has been advising, investing and has held operational roles at numerous companies in Israel and the US. Most recently Danielle was COO at Windward, a maritime data and analytics software platform. Prior to that, Danielle was VP Partnerships and Products at Conduit which was acquired by Perion (NASDAQ: PERI). At both organizations, she was responsible for overseeing search-related products and maintaining commercial relationships with major search partners such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Investors have also placed her in interim management positions in Operations (NJOY), and Product and Business Development (Power Challenge). Earlier in her career, Danielle was a VP at Benchmark Capital (Herzlia), and held positions at Bain & Company, and Morgan Stanley. Danielle has a BA with Distinction from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.