Erez Nachmanson | Program Manager, PICO Kids

Erez Nachmanson is a Program Manager at PICO Kids and focuses on the robotics program. A professional educator and social activist, Erez works with schools across Jerusalem to introduce science and robotics activities, train teachers, and develop scalable, self-sustainable models for program expansion.

Previously, Erez was Program Coordinator at Friends By Nature, where he established and managed neighborhood empowerment projects with students, local residents, and community leaders. A military combat medic by training, Erez also worked for the Magen David Adom ambulance service and has trained hundreds of medics in Israel.

Erez holds an M.A. in Law from Bar Ilan University, a B.Ed. in Education from The University of Haifa, and a B.Sc. in Agroecology & Plant Health from The Hebrew University.

Passion: Succeeding at bureaucratic wars
Theme Song: “Bare Necessities”
Hidden Talent: Playing the Kazu
Life Slogan: Everything in life is good and bad